Starting A Window Treatment

The Basics. 

Below we have compiled a complete and practical breakdown of what goes into building a scaling a Window Treatment company to a million-dollar business. The Window Cover business is expected to reach $36.6 Billion by 2025. Ready one of the fastest-growing companies of 2020?


Step 1


Know your market. 

Window Treatments can mean a variety of things. A few of the top-selling Window Treatment products over the past decade are listed below. 


  • Blinds & Shades

  • Curtains

  • Shutters


Once you realize which product you will be selling, you can start to put together a solid business plan. Although a lot of successful Window Treatment companies sell all or a large variety of products, that is not necessary. We have worked with multiple companies who only sell one our two products, and are incredibly successful. 


Step 2


Write a Business Plan. 


This step may be the most important when starting your own Window Treatment business. Having an idea in your head, and articulating that idea into a business plan are two completely different things. A proper business plan has three main parts. 


1. Cover Sheet

The cover sheet is simple but very important. The information included on the Cover Sheet should include the name of the business, address, email address and phone number. 


2. Statement Of Purpose (Main Body)

The statement of purpose should include a brief description of the business and what you plan on accomplishing. Which products or services you will be offering. The Market you are going after. Your competition etc.. 


3. Conclusion

The conclusion should be a paragraph or two summarizing the above, and most importantly why your business will succeed. 


Step Three


Taxes and Business registration. 


When starting a Window Treatment company, you can forget to do all of the boring stuff required by the state. Listed below is a brief listof everything that will need to be completed before you can open for business. 

  • Register your company with the state

  • File for a tax certificate

  • Obtain liability insurance ( recommend to be bonded)


Step Four


Design Log and start building your website. 


This is a crucial step for any entrepreneur, especially in the Window Treatment industry. Having a clean looking website and logo is the first impression that you will be making to all of your potential customers. The good news is, the majority of Window Treatment companies neglect this portion of the business, meaning if you do things right, you will automatically be putting yourself one step ahead of the game. 


If you need any assistance with the Logo or Web-Design portion of your business, feel free to email me directly at, or visit our website at If you are looking to do everything on your own, there are plenty of free tools out there, as long as you are willing to learn. 


Step Five


Purchase the proper tools. 


When starting a Window Treatment company, a majority of the initial expenses will be linked to the utility van and operating tools. Before you get started, we recommend that you Buy a utilities van, wrap the van with your logo or design and obtain these main tools ( Drill/impact, multi-tool, letter, caulk gun, Drill bits, and all the basic tools )


Step 6


Get set up with a manufacturer. 


If you won't be manufacturing your own products, we recommend that you use USA made products for quality and reputation reasons. We have a few manufacturers that we currently partner with, so if you are looking for discounts or recommendations feel free to email us directly at 


Step 7


Marketing Plan. 


Creating a Digital marketing plan is essential for every business today. We believe it is even more vital in the window treatment retailers. If you need help creating and implementing a digital marketing plan, Window Cover Marketing has some great incentives for new businesses. We know that your budget may be a little tight, so we will fully customize a plan that works for you, without breaking the bank. We can build your website, and optimize the website to start generating leads. 


If you still want to do everything on your own. I have included a few free links to help you get started. These are my favorite tools (Paid and Free)


List of tools I personally used to start and scale a Window Treatment Company. 


Building Websites: Wix 


Researching competitors: Spyfu


Search Engine Optimization: Semrush


Learning SEO: Hubspot Academy - SEO training


In conclusion:


We hope this handbook helps you build and grow your new company. If you have any questions about the industry or marketing in general, don't hesitate to shoot us an email. 


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