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Now that we are halfway through 2019, it's time to start taking digital marketing seriously. The days of advertising through local newspapers and direct mailers are far behind us. Below are a few easy ways you can increase your window shutter sales through online marketing and digital advertising.

+ Content. You may have heard the saying “ Content Is King” . That has never been more true in 2019 with the window treatment industry. By providing great content more often to your customers, you will create more engagement on your webpages, and improve your websites SEO, which will place you higher on the Google totam pool. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more potential customers will see your products and services. - Content Tips. There are a few ways to improve the overall content of your website.

- Update Your Content regularly. Something that a lot of plantation shutter websites have in common is old content. You need to make sure that you are one step ahead of the competition by constantly updating and adding to your website

+ Blogs and Articles. The easiest way that you can jumpstart your SEO and add additional content to your website is through blog posts. They don't have to be long, 250-700 words will work wonders for the visibility of your page. Pick a topic that you have experience with, for example, “Best Shutters For Blocking Sun” and then write an informative article that explains the best shutters that you sell that block the sunlight. Now when someone searches “Best Shutters for Blocking Sun,” your website will have an informative article crafted just for them.

+ User Experience. Although great content will create a better user experience, if your website is hard to navigate or clunky, people will leave and never come back, which creates a high “Bounce” rate. If Google sees that you are having a high bounce rate it will automatically rank you page lower than competitors who have a more user friendly website. So make sure that your website is not only easy to navigate, make sure the pages load correctly and there is not any “broken” links or web-pages.

+ Social Media. This one is the most obvious, yet so many companies are not utilizing social media to its fullest potential. The use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have never been higher.. By leveraging social media, you will make sure that your product and brand remains in front of your customers at all times. By interacting with your customers on social media, you will not only have a higher satisfaction rate, but you will receive more referrals from your current customers. It is proven that companies with active social media, have significantly higher sales than the companies who don't utilize social media.

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