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Lead Tracking and Funnel Management

Pipeline Management is perfect for companies looking for

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Lead tracking and funnel management optimized for the home-service industry

Our customer management system was designed to help give small-medium home-service companies a fighting chance against the big corporations. We will set up campaigns, funnels, automated emails, and much more. Click below for a complimentary video walkthrough, where we can walk through your use-case and break down our system

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We will put systems in place that will ease the burden of managing your prospects throughout the buying journey. We will set up your business on our system so that you only have to worry about keeping leads on a excell, but rather spend more time on the leads who are ready to buy.

Lead Tracking

By automating the top of the funnel, you will never have to worry about a lead slipping through cracks. Our systems will automatcially work new leads down a funnel so you only have to interact with them once they are ready to buy 


By automating the process you wont have to worry about following up with new leads or sending confirmation emails. You can spend more time on your job, not sitting behind a desk. 

Our funnel management Process

We leverage software to make the digital marketing landscape as straightforward as possible. Not only will you get a full-time team working on PPC, Facebook ads, and Serch Engine Optimization, but you will also get a comprehensive system that will help you track leads, automate email conversations and convert website visits into lifelong customers. When you decide to join the Winc team, we will schedule a video call, where we will discuss your goals, set you up in our system, and begin building your online presence. 


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WINC Marketing was created on the idea of connecting the roots of the Home Service industry to help brands and retailers transform the way consumers discover, shop, and buy home services.

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